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SMART-i launches next generation intelligent home security

20 Oct 2016


SMART-i Home Security not only integrates these devices, but extends its intelligence to ‘IF This happens Then do That’ (IFTTT), whereby the user creates a chain of scenarios through which a change in circumstances noted by one device will trigger an automatic command to another device. An example might be: “If an external PIR-based motion sensor is activated, then set CCTV cameras in that part of the property to record, activate all the lights and a siren and also send me the video footage.”


SMART-i home technology will detect and deter criminals while also keeping homes and their occupants safe from other hazards, such as a water or a carbon monoxide leak. Push notifications sent directly to your Smartphone in the event of emergency alert users if anything is wrong at home. These integrated devices can then be viewed and controlled using the iOS or Android Smartphone app.

For example, a smoke alarm has gone off at home or a door contact that would not normally be used has been activated. Users can instantly access video (both live views and recordings) to see if there is cause for concern. The SMART-i system pre-sets can even use a random on-off cycle so that devices create a ‘someone is at home’ effect to discourage burglars.
SMART-i now makes it easy to control, protect and monitor your home from anywhere in the world using a simple Smartphone app giving you total peace of mind when you’re not at home. The whole system also uses wireless technology (868 MHz), making it simple and quick to install.


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