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Vulnerability management is the "cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities  especially in software and firmware.Vulnerability scanning any time of the day or night, leading to discovery of assets and weaknesses before others do. Regulatory requirements are met. If combined with Network Security Monitoring it provides risk profiles judging by analysis of asset values and exposure.

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Security intelligence is the real-time collection, normalization, and analysis of the data generated by users, applications and infrastructure that impacts the IT security and risk posture of an enterprise. The goal of Security Intelligence is to provide actionable and comprehensive insight that reduces risk and operational effort for any size organization.

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Managed Access Control can help your organization lower costs because there are no dedicated computers or databases, no IT support or database backup and no special software required. Our features combine to reduce computer hardware purchases, IT staff time, electrical, and the support costs of maintaining dedicated computers.

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Analog refers to CCTV cameras which us an analog video signal that is transmitted over coaxial cable back to a video recorder or monitor. Last, network IP cameras are also digital and completely different than CCTV and HD-SDI cameras in that instead of the video signal being transmitted over a coaxial cable, it is transmitted over a network using CAT5 Ethernet cable. IP cameras are not hard wired from the camera back to the DVR (sometimes called NVR when referring to IP camera systems)

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With the market launch of its new svr series and CamControl software family, HeiTel Digital Video GmbH has increased its product range by including customised CCTV system solutions for single workstation applications right up to full integration of video receipt in new and existing control centres.

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Mastering these increasing quantitative demands and incorporating the new qualitative requirements in terms of functionality , system expandability and user friendliness , HeiTel is one of the few Global Video Srveillance Technology manufacturers who consistently develop their products fro application in Central Monitoring Station.

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Keeping your business safe and secure is our number one priority. Our commercial intrusion detection systems employ the latest developments in electronic security. Protection 1 will deploy a custom system to meet the unique needs of your facilities regardless of size, using sensors and peripheral devices made for your application. Our combination of proven technologies provides you with complete protection and total flexibility, all in one platform. Once the intrusion detection systems are installed, you can keep track of activity via the Internet—at the office, at home or on your smartphone

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Enterprise Solutions provide for a scalable, easy to manage programming solution to providing business management and information accessability for internal and external clients. Enterprise solutions deal with the problem of providing information to clients both externally and internally. It deals with programming and databases. The main problem being how to most efficiently get our data accessable to those we want to access it.

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Smart companies use video capabilities and business security cameras to enhance their business intelligence and help put a lid on costs. If you haven’t reviewed your video capabilities in the past two years, you could be missing the opportunity to employ additional technology and deploy your personnel more effectively. Techsource global can help you upgrade your legacy video equipment to a state-of-the-art digital system—even at the enterprise level

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The advantage of CCTV is the clarity of the images captured. Today, most of the wireless cameras produce a high-resolution image which makes it very easy to identify faces and other physical characteristics. So, the CCTV systems are perfect for use as part of the security for research facilities and similar establishments. Security staff will be able to easily monitor all activities within range of the cameras and note any suspicious behavior, while at the same time getting a clear image of the person behaving strangely.

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Necessary Communication & Broadcasting system for healthcare facilities. Provides reliable communication and enhances the quality of care. A simple communication system satisfying a broad range of needs in medical fields, promising durability & reliability. Specialized for simple “call” and “communication” functions.

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The home security systems will provide you with total peace of mind. Our home security packages have everything you need to keep you, your family and your property safe, and with add-ons that provide extra protection you can take control in the way that suits you best. All the residential security systems are customized to fit your home and your needs. They are monitored 24/7 at our central monitoring centers, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ve got your back at all times.

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A secure location where alarm signals are monitored by live central station operators 24/7. The term can also be used to refer to a company that provides services to monitor burglar, fire and medical alarm systems. The central monitoring station may also provide watchmen and supervisory services as well as runner service for fire alarms. Central monitoring stations use special telephone lines, computers, receivers and trained staff to monitor their customer's security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received.

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Wireless network security primarily protects a wireless network from unauthorized and malicious access attempts. Typically, wireless network security is delivered through wireless devices (usually a wireless router/switch) that encrypts and secures all wireless communication by default. Even if the wireless network security is compromised, the hacker is not able to view the content of the traffic/packet in transit. Moreover, wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems also enable protection of a wireless network by alerting the wireless network administrator in case of a security breach.

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The IS Series is a network-based communication and all-in-one security control system featuring video entry security, internal communication, rescue assistance, paging, and bell/chime scheduling. The system can unlock doors remotely on a network, assist onsite visitors from an offsite phone, broadcast emergency announcements, and communicate using a standard or PC Master Station

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